Knowledge Googles types of listings

Googles types of listings

If you search something on Google, the answer isn’t always a link to a page. There are many different types of results you can get for your query. Generally, one can say the more enhanced results are ranked on position zero – below ads but before organic results. That means that often it’s the very first thing the user will see and that’s why it is fiercely disputed.

Curiosity WeAreDevelopers 2019 – Day 2

WeAreDevelopers 2019 – Day 2

We have to hand it to the We Are Developers team for owning their mistake in regard to water and food supply, as attendees were greeted by WAD people handing out free water bottles at the entrance. They even ramped up on food supply by having more suppliers and handing out free water during the whole day.

Curiosity WeAreDevelopers 2019 – Day 1

WeAreDevelopers 2019 – Day 1

It was pretty cool going on a trip together to learn new and exciting stuff. But we started with a bit of panic mode, due to the weather forecast showing slightly warm 35 degrees Celsius when we arrived in Berlin on Wednesday – the day before We Are Developers World Congress 2019 started.

Food Beyond Meat Burger

Beyond Meat Burger

Being already four vegans at our office and having our team events all vegan for the past 6 months, there was absolutely no way around trying the new Beyond Meat burger paddies – a cruelty-free and violent-free alternative to beef – at a little internal burger get-together.

Playground Valentines Date with the Roodle

Valentines Date with the Roodle

Once in every quarter we, the Roodle, leave the pot and experience a new adventure. The first team event for us in 2019 took place on 14th February and yes, it was very romantic.

Curiosity Noodles goes MozCon – Our Impressions of THE SEO conference

Noodles goes MozCon – Our Impressions of THE SEO conference

Our Noodles Matthias Frank and Ruslan Aisin were at the MozCon, a SEO conference hosted by Moz, a leader in SEO and a champion of transparency in the web search industry. These are the things they learned from a SEO and developer perspective.