13 Helpful Google Chrome Browser Extensions

13 Helpful Google Chrome Browser Extensions

Nowadays so many gadgets, apps, widgets, etc. exist out there but do you really know which one is useful? We want to introduce to you 13 helpful Google Chrome browser extensions that can make your daily business way easier and save time and energy.

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AMP Validator 

It validates the AMP output of a given webpage. AMP = Accelerated mobile pages, which is a google co-developed microformat for web content. It can increase your SEO ranking when it’s supported by a webpage. More information and implementation guidelines at: https://www.ampproject.org/

Measure It!

With this extension you can use an on-screen-ruler to measure the exact pixel distances between different sections. This comes in handy for daily tasks as a web developer. Sometimes you have to measure some web elements quickly and Measure It! can help you with that.


EditThisCookie is a manager for cookies. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block them. It helps invalidating login sessions and testing cookie dependent behaviour.

Tag Assistant (by Google)

Tag Assistant helps you troubleshoot the installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Adwords Conversion Tracking, Google Tag Manager and more. This extension helps you verify if you have installed the tags correctly on the page. It tells you which tags are implemented, reports errors and even suggests improvements.

META SEO Inspector

If you need to get an overview of the meta space of a site from an SEO perspective, META SEO Inspector is the right extension for you. It’s so helpful to get all the info through one click. Further META SEO Inspector gives you recommendations on what to include or improve on the page for a better SEO performance such as title or meta description length.


SEOquake is another extension for an SEO overview of a page. It reviews all major metrics instantly, estimates keyword difficulty and analyses the SERPs. One extra feature is the possibility to run a complete SEO audit for a webpage, including a check mobile compatibility.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

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The Lorem Ipsum Generator provides an easy and elegant way to create default text for your design. The sentences are randomly generated and can be used right after installation. But it’s also possible to customize the text as you need it.

HTML5 Outliner

HTML5 Outliner is a tool to investigate the information architecture of a page from a purely structural perspective. It’s useful for people who are often using online HTML5 outliners.


This extension displays the microdata which is embedded in a page like schema.org. With a simple click on the icon you’ll see a tabular view of the data. This is helpful to verify if it’s correct after the implementation.

Facebook Pixel Helper

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a tool for validating your pixel implementation. It works in the background and provides real-time feedback of the number of pixel events. Further it shows you warning, errors and successes.

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter formats JSON output into a better readable form. It has various different features like syntax highlighting or collapsible trees (with indent guides). You just have to install this extension once and after that it’ll be automatically displayed in that readable form every time.


It’s a tool to analyse the page speed. This could happen based on predefined rulesets or a user-defined one. YSlow summarizes the page’s components, suggests how to improve the page’s performance, displays statistics and provides tools for the analysis of the performance.


With this extension you can take screenshots of webpages. It’s possible to capture the full webpage or just a selected part. Save the screenshot in pdf, jpeg, gif or png. Fireshot could be very helpful if you e.g. want to show someone a draft of a page which is not online yet.

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