Beyond Meat Burger

Beyond Meat Burger

Being already four vegans at our office and having our team events all vegan for the past 6 months, there was absolutely no way around trying the new Beyond Meat burger paddies – a cruelty-free and violent-free alternative to beef – at a little internal burger get-together.

What is “Beyond Meat”?

Beyond Meat is a brand from the US, which produces products from plants only. They believe that there is a better way to feed the planet – through plants, using pea protein as the base of their products. Through their plant-based products they’re improving human health, positively improving the climate change, are addressing global resource restrains and are not participating in the atrocities done to living sentient beings, the animals.

The morning started off quite busy, by driving to Metro in Vösendorf to get the paddies. At the moment Metro is the only supermarket where they are available in Austria. Besides the vegan meat paddies, we bought a little desert as well: vegan cookies from ‘Vegan Bakery’ for the sweet teeth at our office.

The burger paddies were prepared in our vegan kitchen on the 9th floor, and were served with vegan cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, pickles, onions and lettuce. With the burgers we had vegan mayonnaise and Siracha, vegan BBQ sauce and ketchup. That day, the whole team was eating delicious vegan food, sitting together at a peaceful table and enjoyed the burgers and each other’s company.

The burger feast was for sure a total success – according to the feedback – and definitely showed, that there is no need and excuse anymore to eat animals in order to have the exact same taste and texture as a plant-based option.

We are very thankful and proud to have an open-minded team, that is interested into vegan meals and a vegan lifestyle and show respect to those who chose this compassionate lifestyle for them.

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