Googles types of listings

Googles types of listings

If you search something on Google, the answer isn’t always a link to a page. There are many different types of results you can get for your query. Generally, one can say the more enhanced results are ranked on position zero – below ads but before organic results. That means that often it’s the very first thing the user will see and that’s why it is fiercely disputed.

So how can you get featured?

It appeared that you have a good chance to get featured if you already have a high ranking (Top 10). So, find out which words are strong keywords for you and which rank you already have. Further, studies have shown that most of the featured results are triggered by long-tail keywords. You should look for questions (how, what, etc.) or long-tail queries people ask Google. You also can go a step beyond and have a deeper look in social channels to find out what people really want to know. After you did the research, you should analyze your content and optimize it, if it’s necessary. If you did the process properly it’s more likely that you will get featured.

And which kind of results are there on Google?

Rich Snippets

A rich snippet is a more detailed organic search result which can look very different. The user can get information about people, products, recipes, reviews, events, app, articles, etc. Basic rich snippet types include reviews, events or recipes.


There are two different types of video results. The video can be at the very top of the SERP and if the user clicks on it, he can watch the video on Google directly. There also can be thumbnails between the other result with more details like the upload date and a short description. If the user clicks on them, he will get forwarded to the platform where the video is published.

Local Businesses and Organizations

When users search for a certain company or business this snippet can provide the exact location, phone number, opening hours and a few more details about it.

Knowledge Graph

The knowledge graph often appears on the right side and contains information gathered from different sources.

Featured Snippet

The featured snippet is a box above all results and contains a short summary for a certain query. Sometimes it’s also called “quick answer” or “position zero”. It can be shown as a paragraph, a list or a table and always provides the link to the webpage, the title and almost always a picture. The results for voice searches are mostly taken from featured snippets. According to paragraphs are primarily used for voice search answers, followed by lists and tables.

Answer Box

The answer box provides more questions for the user that are similar to his query. If the user clicks on one question a short answer will appear and the source where it’s coming from. Furthermore, it’s possible to do a new query by clicking on the link next to “Search for”.

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