Internship at Noodles Agency

Internship at Noodles Agency

Hey everyone,

I’m Lisa and in this blog post I’m going to write about my internship at Noodles Agency. I was there for two weeks and it was my first internship and work experience ever.

Internship in general

At first, I got to know all the employees and during the two weeks everyone told me what their tasks at Noodles are. During my time at the agency I had a few tasks to do to help them and additionally, I sometimes got the opportunity to be part of a meeting.

After a meeting with the graphs I got interested in what they’re doing, and I could install Adobe and watched many tutorials and also was able to try it. I wanted to learn how to edit pictures and videos for such a long time but didn’t know how or haven’t had the motivation to and now I know more about it. So that was pretty cool!

The Noodle-Roodle

Every Noodle was very nice to me and anytime I needed help I got it. In general, the handling with each other within the Roodle is really friendly. It’s like being with a group of friends and working together.

Noodles Agency is different, but in a good way because the employees have fun there and it’s also professional. Because this was my first internship, I can’t compare it to other agencies, but I think working at Noodles Agency is a very cool job and every Noodle would probably agree with me.

To summarize it, it was a great experience to do an internship there 🙂

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