WeAreDevelopers 2019 – Day 2

WeAreDevelopers 2019 – Day 2

Day #2 – They know what they did wrong…

We have to hand it to the We Are Developers team for owning their mistake in regard to water and food supply, as attendees were greeted by WAD people handing out free water bottles at the entrance. They even ramped up on food supply by having more suppliers and handing out free water during the whole day.

The talks were interesting in different ways but had some standouts like the talk from Rasmus Lerdorf (Inventor of PHP) and Martin Wezowski (Futurist at SAP). Both were pretty inspiring and so they went out on a high note.

The days of “too big to fail” might be coming to an end are Awi Lifshitz, MD at WeXelerate and Atul Bhardwaj, CEO at MediaMarkt Saturn in agreement in their panel about the importance of “Agile work methods in corporations”. They gave us very interesting insights into the problems big corporations like MediaMarkt Saturn face while transforming into a more agile business. They try to become a technology company in retail because they acknowledge startups/smaller companies that are challenging them. They view this as a business transformation rather than a technology transformation. They roll this out by sending their teams into bootcamps for backlog management, agile methods etc. and turned their product developers into product owners. All under the premise of handing more responsibilities and stake to their employees supporting this transition. They also train 150 people internally to become engineers during the next 6 months.

Also the general topic of AI was again omnipresent at the conference. There have been a lot of accounts how modern-day companies currently utilize or plan to utilize AI in the future.

For instance, the “Demystifying AI panel”: Jürgen Müller, CTO of SAP, talked about their current application of AI in thousands of client projects to optimize business processes along the full value chain. For example they are using AI and Machine Learning to map payments to corresponding invoices which reduces the amount of invoices that need to be processes by humans by 40-60%. Another area of research they currently do is a visually aided procurement process where employees just take a snapshot of something broken and can start the procurement process with a simple snap.

Oliver Koth, CTO at NTT Data, currently tests what kind of impact the utilization of AI has on the mindset of their 120.000 employees worldwide. They want to know if heavy AI usage and automation of redundant/routine jobs might cause an increase in the subjective stress levels of their employees. To get their employees onboard they try to incentivize them with an AI Bonus if they find something in their everyday work that could be automated.

In general the speakers were in agreement that it is important to offer trainings around these processes to be ready for the semi-automized future as jobs won’t disappear but heavily skew towards coexistence with AI.

Verdict on We Are Developers World Congress 2019

All the little mishaps aside it was a really fun trip, with many new insights, ideas, techniques and general food for the brain and we certainly came back with more stuff to noodle about. Stay awesome and eat some pasta!

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