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to noodle around.

/ˈnuːd(ə)l/ \ ə-ˈrau̇nd \

to experiment, play around and brainstorm in a creative way.

We noodle around until we find the perfect solution for you.

We're the Noodles Agency: a team of open-minded nerds who create custom digital solutions in an efficient and agile way.

Web Development

In order for exceptional web presences to succeed, a synergy between front-end and back-end technologies is essential. Our talented developers bring both technologies into harmony to make our clients' visions become reality.

UX/UI Design

When it comes to giving users the best possible experience, an attractive interface design must be fast and intuitive to use. Therefore, we set ourselves the task of creating web design that not only looks good, but also works efficiently.


Companies evolve or completely reinvent themselves from time to time. We support companies, understand their target group and a bridge between entrepreneurial thinking and IT. We guide companies from SEO measures to UI/UX decisions.

Why us?

For us, there isn’t just "one" way. We look around and choose the way that works best for your project. We work in an agile, time-saving and enthusiastic way.


In the beginning was the idea

Whether you're selling a niche product or you're in a corporation, it's the idea that counts. And for every great idea, we deliver great results.


Technology independent

Whatever technological base you work on, we have the right expert for it. Except for Typo3. We just don't feel like doing that.

Let’s talk

Understanding customers & technology

Every project is different, but by understanding both worlds, we transform complex technical requirements into customized solutions.


Think ahead digitally

Digitalization is more than just a website. We develop your digital presence further and implement strategies specifically tailored to your needs. This is how we create unique results together.

Noodles Contact

Most of the time, the solution is much easier than you think.

We talk to you, we listen, we ask questions. And we're happy to invite you to a one-on-one meeting in our ball pit. That's right, we have a ball pit. Text us!

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Project details

Client:Western Union; Blog

Service:Web Development


Project:Full supervision and execution of the relaunch of the entire blog infrastructure as well as the development of a custom theme.

Project details

Client:Western Union; Paylocal

Service:Web Development


Project:As the global lead development agency, we developed and launched the Paylocal marketing website in about 20 markets as a strategic collaboration between Western Union and Amazon.

Project details

Client:Western Union; LiveMoreShareMore

Service:Web Development


Project:Development and support of award-winning content hub platform (Shorty Awards) for a global, episodic influencer campaign.

Project details


Service:UI/UX Design


Project:Development of a new UX design for the Bipa online store with the goal to increase the conversion rate.

Project details

Client:Vienna University of Economics and Business



Project:Data-driven analysis of the areas of UI/UX and SEO with subsequent strategy development for the web presence, while taking all stakeholders into consideration.

Project details




Project:Organization and delivery of a workshop series focused on digital marketing.

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