Our Check-Up Portfolio

Our Check-Up Portfolio

Noodles goes 2020! To celebrate the new year we want to support you in your digital challenges with our audit portfolio. Don’t be shy and contact us down below with your selection!

SEO Check-Up

You don’t want to be in Google’s friendzone aka page two.

The idea of the SEO audit (Search Engine Optimisation) is getting an understanding of the current SEO situation of your company. That means analyzing the rankings, the organic traffic that is coming to your page and the overall performance compared to other acquisition channels of the company.

The process of the audit is to identify issues that can cause barriers for your customers and restrain the perfomance of your page.

Page Performance Check-Up

Loading… ……………… …………………. f*ck it, let’s fix this.

Page Performance equals revenue. A study by Amazon famously revealed that a 1 second increase in load time of their website would cost them 1.6 billion dollar in sales each year. Those incredible numbers give us a hint of how important page performance on the web is nowadays. This doesn’t just apply to tech giants, google found that, across the web, each page load delay of 100ms hurts the conversion rate by 6—7 %.

With the Noodles Page Performance Audit, we thoroughly check your website for performance improvements. Every millisecond counts when it comes to decreasing asset sizes or increasing your server performance by leveraging caching technologies.

Graphic Check-Up

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But let’s face reality, there are certain standards.

The idea of the Graphic audit is to get a basic understanding what matters to the eye of the viewer of your web presence and in relation to your overall company‘s Corporate Design and Identity. This means adapting certain styles, expanding graphic elements and finding a balanced direction that combines design and perception with a long-lasting positive impression.

The process of auditing consists of identifying problems with graphic imbalances that can lead to disharmony in the positive perception of the professionalism of a service or a company.

Data Visualization Check-Up

You can finally have a glimpse behind the internets’ closed doors.

You would like to actively monitor the incoming data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads? But it takes too much time to find all the information you want? The data visualization package from Noodles gives you exactly the overview you need for your marketing activities and website monitoring.

UX-Design Check-Up

Let’s make your website look sexy.

The idea of the UX Design audit is to get a basic understanding of what it needs to create more traffic and conversions on a webpage. The understanding also includes a strong graphic focus, that shortens processes and leads the user/viewer smoothly through processes to get the information he*she is looking for. This means adapting
shortcuts, clear wording, sorted and well-thought-out design with focus on the essential functions.

The process of the audit consists of identifying unclear operational procedures and correcting these for an up and running webpage easy to operate, to keep the viewer/user interested and attentive.

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