Our Playground

Our Playground

Noodles are always looking for something new and unknown.

We travel with eyes and ears wide open through the universe, always ready for additional discoveries and experiences. In the course of time we have already visited several planets. Once there, we have acquired and perfected their knowledge and technologies.

By now, we have populated our own planets and built and developed them with the collected knowledge. We operate both strategically and operationally on them and have created our own playground. There we romp around everywhere and are not focused on just one play equipment.


Frontend, Backend, Custom Solutions, Dashboards

Website Development
In the universe many different dialects exist like programming languages (e.g. Javascript, PHP) or structural languages (HTML, CSS). As a result of years of research and training, we can easily translate design drafts and desired functionalities into these languages and also link databases with them.
Frontend Development
Websites inherent in (web)space like stars, comets and moons. We ensure that they function smoothly and interactively for the visitor and develop the visible area including animations, forms, scroll effects and much more.
Backend Development
The innovative design of a spaceship is not enough if the propulsion is not functional. The same applies to websites. That’s why we develop maintenance areas, links to databases, user administration and more to guarantee an effortless usage.
Custom Solutions
Every star in the universe is unique. We see our projects the same way, so we also offer individual programming solutions for individual needs.
The infinite vastness of the (web)space also offers an infinite amount of data, which often float around chaotically. We capture them, structure them and offer automated visualization to make the data more understandable and easier to evaluate.


UX Design, UI Design, Interactive Prototyping

User Experience Design
Despite the great cultural diversity in the universe, there are certain usage standards for websites that must be kept and taken into consideration during development. Based on our many years of work in this field, we are able to build them according to common conventions (e.g. menus, placements, etc.).
User Interface Design
As different as the many space inhabitants are, as different can be the design of a website or app. We take care of a suitable graphic design (text, colour and form) and already depict animations and interactive elements.
Interactive Prototyping
If you want to build a spaceship, a blueprint is quite practical. However, it is only a piece of paper without any action. We bring one-dimensional blueprints to live and transform them to interactive, detailed design drafts. These show the actual product with all animations, without already being programmed.


SEO, SEA, UI/UX, Data, Website Audit, Performance Audit

Suchmaschinenoptimierung und -werbung
Many threats lurk in the vast cosmos, like black holes called search engines, which devour websites in their algorithms and make them invisible. With our knowledge in SEO and SEA we can counteract. Through our activities (organic or paid) it’s possible to fight against black holes and get the website displayed in the first ranks of the search engine.
UI/UX Beratung
As thoroughly as the Mars Rover has examined the surface of Mars, we dedicate ourselves to the analysis of current user interfaces and experiences on a website. We take a close look at every element such as font size, menus or buttons and point out possibilities for optimization.
In addition to structuring and visualizing the data, we can support with analysis too. We connect data, establish correlations and identify improvement potentials.
Website Audit
Just as a spaceship needs a service from time to time, websites should also be serviced. We offer a holistic evaluation that includes consulting in the areas of SEO and UI/UX as well as a detailed technical review.
Performance Audit
Every good spaceship should have a warp drive. In order to reach full speed, it must meet certain criteria. This is also the case with websites. If you want to achieve the fastest loading time, there are various elements that can be analysed and optimized.


Blog, CMS, Webshop

Adventures and findings should be recorded, preferably in a well managed journal. We can support that by adding pre-written texts and other content (videos, graphics, …) as well as updating programmed plug-ins and further components.
Especially in the universe, technical systems must always be up to date. We offer the maintenance and modernization of these systems and take care of the required updates.
There is a lot of trading going on in space. To ensure that your own marketplace is always accessible and simply designed, we offer the adaptation of various elements such as the payment process or the integration of digital product catalogues into existing systems. These improvements ensure an increase in users’ eagerness to buy and the company’s turnover.

Mobile Marketing

ASO, Fraud Detection and Prevention, Campaign Optimisation

App Store Optimisation
App Stores are like galaxies – a large accumulation of different elements. To be found there, various methods can be used. Through different actions we can help to optimize the ranking of an app in the two most important app stores (Apple and Android).
Fraud Detection and Prevention
There are not only friendly inhabitants in space. Sometimes small, sassy beasts called “fraud” lurk out there which should be fought. With our analysis and the appropriate interventions we can protect against commercial fraud and the high costs attached to it.
Campaign Optimisation
In order to get attention in the tremendous universe, you have to send messages. To ensure that they reach the right target group at the right time, we offer the evaluation of marketing campaigns for apps and, based on this, recommendations for optimisation.

Come to our playground!

You want to romp around with us? Just send us a message and let’s swing together.


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